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After School Programs

Educating. Guiding. Inspiring.


New programs, same values

French Toast Theatre prides itself on helping your child succeed through a positive learning environment, quality instruction, and a fun-focused atmosphere. 

WE know not everyone wants to be a actor or dancer. That is why we created our French Toast After School program. We offer fun, educational and safe setting for your kid to be a kid. From Dinosaur Days to science lessons you are sure to have a blast!

Our goal is to inspire and uplift your child and all children who love to play and learn

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Class Sessions


At FTT, each regular season session is 6 weeks long. Each class time occurs 6 times in the session (once per week).

  • Choose the class type that is the correct age bracket for your child.

  • All classes are available for session registration

2023 RATES

5-8 years of age- 1 hour class: $149 per 6-week session

8-13 years of afe- 1 hour and 30 minutes class: $219  per 6-week session

All FTT Classes

Upcoming Events

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